Soumitra Chatterjee’s Poem

Soumitra Chatterjee’s Poem Translated in English

A tribute from the deep of heart

Some days

A river awoke in this body
Break the arrow
Everyone who was safe
Flows in torrent

Waves of love made 
keep Wash your tsunami

Crying for beauty 
Fill the sky and the air 
Spring song -

The awakened river 
beats the broth To wake you up from 
your dreams Spring songs soothe: 
what no longer exists 
You shouldn't miss

the memories are true
Memories are coming 


Captive, are you awake

There is no tradition of thanking someone for dreaming,

People feel relieved
When dreams break
For the man without dreams
Insomnia is personal
The deep night is screaming loud
Holding the window iron grill -
"Prisoner, are you awake?"
The moon silently enters insomnia,
Ferries are the hard way
Dreamless eyes open in the dark
Search to thank someone
Late at night, intense
Holding the window grill and yelling:
"Prisoner, are you awake?"

Sorrow, for a long time

For a long time

Sadness in the cage of my heart

This morning

I will open the door for him to fly

Turquoise is

like a cloud floating in the spring sky

Gestures like evening

For the birds to return on their own

I’ll keep the cage open

Let it fly

Blue with wings caring in the moonlight – blue.

Days of hard work

Fatigue grants

Pointless pain

– Now everyone is drowning,

When this lovebird returns to song

All six seasons a theme to be sewn

My pain will disappear

Stored for a long time in the cell of my heart.


Prayer for your health

You recover from the bridge -
Between us and judgment
We humans have not returned to Mother Nature
With our debts, not even with industry,
Hungry and lost, we've been behind us for so long
Glossy mirage, but in vain.
The road that interests you
I came to you all the time with the dividends of my dreams, you hold on well
You are welcome.
On the map of being
You always,
The path to my beauty


And quiet flows Kopai

Khalasi cleans a truck in Kopai
River water
Drops and drains relieve pain.
One day will come
I'm not here anymore
Congratulations in a different way
Dig resumes

(A khalasi is a helper of a truck-driver)


Walking through the mist

If I could walk through this fog

I’ll get closer to your loneliness, or


In this comfort of the next summer day

I remember as soon as my day was over

When I was in the midst of my work and so much more,

Oh, even outside of my longest job,

I saw the pain in your eyes, but

I will never touch your loneliness.

Now the fog I’m looking for

Lost time

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