Organic Yellow Lentils One Metric Ton FOB Price

Feature: No adulteration, No artificial flavor, No chemical fertilizer, No artificial color, No preservative, insects & pesticides free, Organic, GMO-Free Product.

Yellow Lentils (Moong dal) is also an excellent source of carbohydrates, which your body needs for energy. Legumes such as Yellow Lentils contain carbohydrates, which are recommended because of their increased nutritional value. It is a very nice source of protein in Indian Cooking especially Vegetarian. It also has a good amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins,  high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat, and cholesterol free. Yellow Lentils contains folic acid, an important vitamin for all women especially those planning to become pregnant.


Energy: 347 kcal                                                                      Protein: 23.86 g

Total Fat: 1.15 g                                                                        Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 15 m                                                                            Total Carbohydrates:  62.62 g

Dietary Fiber: 16.3 g                                                                 Sugars:  6.6 g


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Product Type: Lentils                                                                      Style: Dried, Unpolished

Color: Yellow                                                                                     Size: 3 to 5 mm

Cultivation: Organic                                                                         Shelf Life: 24 months

Moisture: 12% Max.                                                                          Admixture: 0.01% Max.

Purity: 99.98%                                                                                    Origin: Made in India

Certification: APEDA                                                                        Imperfect Rate: 0.05% Max.

Storage: Store in dry place                                                               Crop: Current Year

Packaging: 25 kilograms PP Bag or as per buyer’s specification.

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Weight 1000 kg
Organic Cultivation


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