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Features: 100% Organic Turmeric Powder, Bright yellowish-orange hue, No Artificial Color, Unique flavor, High Oil Content, High curcumin  percentage, No added preservatives, Produced from Pure Organic turmeric finger, Great health benefited ingredient, Non-GMO, Hygienically Packed, Organic Certificate available


The oil and curcumin percentage is high in Rajapuri variety of non-gmo organic turmeric as per laboratory taste. Our farmers cultivate turmeric finger pure organic way. The cultivation process of Organic turmeric start from the first week of June.  Upon refining the turmeric finger seeds with help Jeevamrit  organic solution planted them in the ready soil after 2 hours.


Before plantation two times of ploughing and get the field open at least for ten days are make sure the soil ready. Then composed organic manure scattered and mixed with soil in the field. 4.5 feets gap and 1 feet height field barren are required as per power trailer. Turmeric plant require moisture, shades and for that  purpose we can use big plants like Moringa rounding the field.


The required temperature for organic turmeric plant would be between 25 to 35°C. Deep irrigation and soil PH level between 5.5 /6.5 are ideal. Frequent weeding process and covering the turmeric finger with soil provide good quality of production. Organic solution mixing with neem, cow urine, garlic, red chilli prevent the attack from microorganisms. Application of manure prepared with cow dung, cow urine and  jaggery give good production. It takes 9 months to grow and mature. Harvesting start from first week of March.


After harvesting and washing make cut into pieces to dry properly in mild sunlight with shade. On proper drying grinding and refine them in hygienic condition.


Nutrition Facts (Approx. Per 100 Grams):

Calories: 350.02 kcal.                                Total Fat: 3.82 g

Saturated Fat: 3.40 g                                Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.23g

Monoun saturated Fat:0.14g                  Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0g                                          Sodium: 96mg

Total Carbohydrate: 72.19g                     Dietary Fiber: 19.68g

Sugars: 0g                                                   Protein: 6.72g

Vitamin A: 2.46 mg                                   Vitamin C: 13.57 mg

Calcium: 154 mg                                        Iron: 33.19 mg


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Specification of Organic Turmeric Powder:

HS Code 09103030

Product: Organic Turmeric                  Quantity: 1200 Kilograms

Variety: Rajapuri                                             Style:  Ground

Natural: Yes                                                      Cultivation: Organic

Type: Unpolished                                             Shelf Life: 1 Year

Oil Content: 6.36%                                           Curcumin Content:  4.5 to 6%

Color: Yellow                                                      Taste: Unique flavor premium taste

Moisture: max. 10%                                          Total Ash (on Dry): Max. 6%

Acid Insoluble Ash: 1%                                     Sudan: Not detected

Allergens: Product is free from Allerges

Radiation: Product was not treated by radiation

Ferromagnetic Contamination: Absent

Packaging: 25 kgs. HDPE poly /paper bag inside line or as per buyer’s specification.

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Usage & Benefits of Organic Turmeric Powder:


Organic Turmeric powder is used in the culinary dishes for its natural yellow color. Organic turmeric is great spice and medicinal herb.

It contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is very strong antioxidant called curcumin.

It increase body immunity and prevents the attack of body tissue.

It decreases the risk of brain disorder, arthritis, cancer and depression,

Curcumin also decrease heart disease.

Organic Turmeric widely use in cosmetic industry which helps delay aging, fight age related diseases.



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Dimensions 76.20 × 50.8 × 101.6 cm
Organic Cultivation


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