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Features:  Organic Red Chilli, Steam-less Whole Red Chilli, Produced without Preservatives, Without Chemical fertilizer, Without Chemical Pesticides, Natural Color, Adulteration Free, Exotic Spicy Flavor, Rich Aroma & Free from Contamination, Thin Skin, Optimum Freshness, High Purity, Low moisture.


Chilli is also called hot pepper produced organic way across India due to favorable climatic conditions.  To cultivate organic red chilli the require temperature should be between 20 to 25°C  and require sufficient humidity. Heavy rainfall with high humidity leads to rotten the chilli fruits whereas high temperature leads to affect the chilli fruits. In that case poly shade is better option.


Warm soil with good drainage system is ideal for organic red chilli. The soil should be prepared mixing with manure, compost before planting. Guntur chilli is famous due to ideal climatic conditions. 1.2 m wide bed of soil require for nursery stage. Bio fertilizer and organic manure are used for soil preparation.


It takes six weeks to grow when we start plantation process. Space approximately 60 cms and 100 cms apart require to maintain in the plantation process. Green manure, compost, farm waste, oil cakes, bio waste, crop residue are used in the soil. Required some irrigation and weeding at the time of flowering and fruits development. Where the chilli fruits become dark red the harvesting process will start. Chilli crop require 90 days to become mature from the plantation.


Health Benefit of Organic Red Chilli:

Organic red chilli  is used as Appetizer in culinary dishes for spiciness and flavor. It  kills Pain, Sprain and numbness. Organic red chilli contains with Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants, Minerals, It is used for medical purpose  like fight migraine, sinus prevention, loose Weight etc.


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Specification of Organic Red Chilli:


HS Code: 09042219                                                 Quantity: 1200 kilograms

Product: Organic Red Chilli                                         Variety: Teja S17 Deluxe

Style: Dried & Whole                                                      Drying Process: Sun Dry

Processing Type: Raw                                                    Shape: Steam- less Elongated

Color: Bright Red                                                            Taste: Hot Spicy

Cultivation: Organic                                                        Moisture: 10% Max.

Length: 3 to 5 inches                                                       Broken Chili: 5% Max.

Admixture: 2% Max.                                                        Loose Seeds: 2% Max.

Origin: India                                                                      Pungency: 65,000 – 85,000 SHU

Color Value: 50 – 70                                                          Capsaicin Percentage: 0.589 %

Packaging: 25 kilograms gunny bag


Other Variety: Kashmiri Biyadgi, Wrinkle Chili (wrinkle-273), Jewala, 334 S4/Sannam, 341 Red Chilli are available from Guntur in A.P., INDIA. These Guntur Chilli varieties are available at comparatively low price for bulk quantity.


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Weight 1200 kg
Organic Cultivation


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