Organic Garlic 1.2 MT FOB Price


Features of Organic Garlic:

Organic Fresh garlic, produced without pesticides, chemical, preservatives, High medicinal value, Loaded with nutrition, help in weight management, strengthens immunity, Contains high level of Iodine, Vitamin C, Good source of Vitamin B6, Cleaned, hygienically packed garlic.


Organic garlic is a medicinal herb cultivated in winter season. The plantation of organic garlic starts from the month of September.  Use only fat big cloves of garlic for plantation and cultivation of organic garlic because small clove does not provide good crop. Prepare loose soil mixed with organic compost, organic manure, organic bone meal, organic fish meal ideal for garlic cultivation. As garlic is a root vegetable loose soil is preferred.  This organic cultivation process of garlic does not need additional fertilizer.  For planting garlic requires 2 inches deep  and 6 inches apart. Plant the fat end of the garlic clove down and pointing end at the above.  After planting the garlic cloves give fresh water.  Two weeks after planting the garlic cloves sprouting begin and once they get 2 to 4 inches tall use grass sleeping around the garlic plats. Make sure you trim the garlic scapes to get the bulb in good shape. Garlic scapes are flower stalk and ball shaped.  Cutting the scapes improve the size of bulb.

Straw and grass sleeping of 2 to 3 inches around the garlic plant helps lower number of irrigation and water for the plant. In the whole garlic cultivation process 4 times of irrigation are required. It also helps weeding management around garlic plants. Add some dead leafs around the garlic plant work like organic fertilizer which is nutrient of the soil  In two months garlic plant would be one foot tall. After 3 months of plantation of garlic stem begins to thick and garlic bulb begins  to grow under the soil. Garlic bulb does not grow well  below 20°F or (-) 6° C.  Garlic has no pest problem.  After 7 months of plantation the garlic bulbs are mighty thick and strong. Garlic plants are turning yellowish brown after 8 to 9 months and ready to harvest. Stop the water and wait for two weeks. Soak the soil of the field one day before harvesting and dry the soil little bit. You tools at the time of harvesting and make sure the skin of bulb are not damaged.


Nutritional Facts of Organic Garlic: 

Serving size 100 grams Raw Organic garlic:

Calories: 149                                                                   Total Fat: 0.5 g

Saturated Fat: 0.1 g                                                       Sodium: 17 mg

Total Carbohydrate: 33 g                                             Dietary Fiber: 2.1 g

Sugar: 1 g                                                                         Protein: 6.4 g

Calcium: 181 mg                                                             Iron: 1.70 mg

Potassium: 401 mg                                                        Vitamin A: 0.2%

Vitamin C: 52%



Specification of Organic Garlic:

HS Code: 07032000                                                      Quantity: 1200 Kilograms

Product: Organic Garlic                                                        Style: Fresh

Type: Liliaceous vegetables                                                  HS Code: 070320

Cultivation: Organic                                                               Size: 45 to 60 mm

Color: White                                                                             Taste: Spicy Pungency

Crop: Current Year                                                                 Weight: 50 grams (approx.)

Shelf Life: 9 months min.                                                       Storage Temperature: (-)7 to (-)1.5°C

Packaging: 25 Kilograms mesh bag or as per buyer’s specification

Usage of Organic Garlic:

Garlic is a type spices use many culinary recopies and dishes

Most scientific way to eat raw garlic is chop 2 to 4 grams organic garlic cloves and keep them in open air for 10 minutes to activate ingredient called Alliin and convert into Allicin. Consume the raw chopped garlic after 10 minutes to get the benefits.

Raw garlic use to get relief from bad breath, body odor and stomach acidity.

Garlic can be preserved in powder form. Fresh garlic is dehydrated at low temperature and then ground to make powder.

Dried dehydrated garlic powder can turn into tablets form. Garlic tablets are without pungent smell and also intact all the benefits of garlic. It can be used as a supplement.

Garlic oil also has many medicinal properties.

Organic garlic is used to take garlic breath of new born baby.

Garlic helps to  gain weight while baby stay in the womb.

Benefits of Organic Garlic:

Organic garlic has many benefits in natural remedies and Ayurveda. It fights bacteria and viruses because organic garlic contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  Garlic kills bacteria like E coli, fungal, worm, viral infection and prevent food poisoning.

Organic garlic help metabolism of iron by increasing Ferroportin in the body.

Organic garlic relieves toothache because it contains analgesic powder.

Organic fresh garlic contains Anti-inflammatory property  which slows down the formation of fat and reduces body weight.

Organic fresh garlic contains ajoene which helps to treat skin infections and fungus

Organic garlic contains blood thinning property which prevents clotting blood, artery hardening  and thus it protects the heart.

Garlic helps to control blood sugar. It increases release of insulin in the blood.

Organic garlic helps to convert polysulfides into hydrogen sulfide. It reduces the formation of plaque to control cholesterol level  and controls blood pressure.

Raw juice of organic garlic can be used to stop itching from rashes and bug bites.

Garlic reduces the risk of cancer due to presence of Allyl sulfides which prevent forming cancer cells.

The antibacterial properties of organic garlic reduces suffering from cold and use to treat upper respiratory tract infections, breathing problem and asthma.

Garlic increases the circulation and the ability to feel passionate.


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