Organic Fennel Seeds 1.2MT FOB Price

Features of Organic fennel Seeds :

Pesticide  Free organic fennel seeds, No added color, No preservative,  great aroma, excellent taste, machine cleaned, dust fee, sourced directly from farmers, hygienically packed, certified product

Organic fennel seeds is a delicious aromatic spice complete its sowing in the month of October. To prepare seed bed it is required to give 2 to 3 times ploughing  Fennel seeds require 3 to 4cm depth to sow and then uniform the seed bed for nursery. After that the fennel plant transplant to the main field.  To cultivate organic fennel seeds we can use RF101,RF102, RF125, RF35, Gujarat fennel .  The spacing between two crops should be  45 cm x 10 cm. Fennel seed cultivation process require weed control time to time. First weeding process start after 30 days. The first irrigation can be given 15 days after sowing and there should not be water logging in the field.  Organic manure dung  is used to grow organic fennel seeds. Organic fennel seeds can be harvested in the month of April. Harvesting starts when the fennel seeds’ color turns from green into light yellow.  The fennel seeds are dried in the in sun light for 2 days and 10 more days in the shade.  After proper drying the organic fennels put into machine for cleaning and grading. And then pack hygienically as per the requirement.

Nutritional Facts of Organic Fennel Seeds:

Nutritional value per 100 gram
Principle Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA
Energy 345 Kcal 17%
Carbohydrates 52.29 g 40%
Protein 15.80 g 28%
Total Fat 14.87 g 48%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 39.8 g 104%
Niacin 6.050 mg 37%
Pyridoxine 0.470 mg 36%
Riboflavin 0.353 mg 28%
Thiamin 0.408 mg 34%
Vitamin A 135 IU 4.50%
Vitamin C 21 mg 35%
Sodium 88 mg 6%
Potassium 1694 mg 36%
Calcium 1196 mg 120%
Copper 1.067 mg 118%
Iron 18.54 mg 232%
Magnesium 385 mg 96%
Manganese 6.533 mg 284%
Phosphorus 487 mg 70%
Zinc 3.70 mg 33.50%




Specification of Organic Fennel Seeds:

HS Code: 09096131                                                         Quantity: 1200 Kilograms

Product: Fennel Seeds                                                              Type: Herb & Spices

Part: Seed                                                                                     Processing Type: Raw

Style: Dried & Machine Cleaned                                             Drying Process: Sun dried

Color: Green                                                                                Shape: Elongated

Taste: Aromatic Sweet                                                               Purity: 99.85% min.

Crop: Current Year                                                                      Admixture: 0.5% max.

Total ash: 7% max.                                                                      Acid Insoluble Ash: 1% max.

Storage: Cool & Dry Place                                                          Season: August to December

Volatile Oil Content: 1.5% min.                                                 Usage: Culinary/ Medicine/ Cosmetic

Moisture: 14% max.                                                                      Shelf Life: 2 years

Cultivation: Organic                                                                     Origin: India

Packaging: 25 Kilograms Paper Bag with inner food-grade-poly-cover or as per buyer’s specification

Usage of Organic Fennel Seeds:

Fennels seeds are used in pickles, sausages,  chutney and many recipes

Fennels seeds use  as mouth freshener in Ayurveda. Take half teaspoon fennel seeds for two times daily to cure from mouth odor.

Fennel seeds are severed in hotel, restaurant after taking foods.

Fennel seeds tea use to control cold, cough and weight.

Fennel seeds oil use in face, skin for brightness, glow.

Fennel seeds water work effectively for lichen planus which involve a portion of skin or lining tissue of mouth come out. Take one glass of water mix with 40 grams fennel seeds and boil until the mixture goes down to half. Wash the affected area of mouth with the mixture two time for relief.

Fennel seeds water can also apply on face for healthy skin.

Fennel seeds powder also use to strengthen digestive system and increase the power of memory.


Health Benefits of Organic Fennel Seeds:

Organic fennel seeds help to regulate blood pressure. Chewing organic fennel seeds help to increase the nitrite content in saliva and keep a check on blood pressure level natural way.

Organic fennel seeds are rich source of potassium. Since potassium is the essential component of cells and body fluids organic fennel seeds help to control heart rate and blood pressure.

Drinking organic fennel tea regularly helps flush out of excess fluids from body and reduces the risk of urinary problems.

Organic fennel seeds contains diaphoretic properties which stimulate perspiration.

Organic fennel seeds tea is very useful for indigestion, constipation and bloating because of the oil found in the  seeds.

Fennel seeds contains anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps kick start digestion by promoting the production of gastric enzymes. Fennel tea is very useful in digestive system which makes you healthy and happy.

Fennel seeds reduce asthma symptoms. It contains phytonutrients help clear sinuses which is the condition of cavities in the nasal passages and inflamed. Fennel seeds contains expectorant properties which aid to relief bronchitis, congestion and cough.

Organic fennel seeds contains essential oils and fiber which are considered very useful to flush out toxins and sludge from body and thus purify blood.  It is very important to include in our diet.  Fennel seeds ensure smooth absorption of nutrients.

A handful of fennel seeds have the ability to make wonders for your eyesight.  It contains Vitamin A, which is improve eyesight

Fennel essential oil can help lower blood sugar level in diabetes. Fennel seed is a good source of vitamin C, high intake of which help to reduce blood sugar level. It contains Beta-carotene which helps to reduce cholesterol level in patient with type 2 diabetes. Also fennel seeds are low glycemic index, is good diabetes diet.

Fennel seeds contains valuable minerals like zinc, calcium, selenium. These minerals help to balance hormones and oxygen level. It helps to cure acne providing cooling impact on the skin and gives healthy glowing skin.

Organic fennel seeds contain powerful scavenging properties help to beat oxidative stress and protect our body from various cancers like skin, stomach and breast cancer.

Fennel seeds help to reduce obesity because it suppresses the appetite. Dry, roast and grind the fennel seeds and consume one-half teaspoon of powder with warm water twice a day help you to loose weight.


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