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Features of Organic Black Pepper:

Organic black pepper, The “King of Spices” having Sharp and mildly spicy flavor, Used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, No Crack, No Rotten Part, No Added Preservative, No Chemical fertilizer, No Artificial Color, Pesticides Free, Hygienically Packed.

Organic black pepper the king of spices is one the oldest and most popular spices in the world. This perennial vines is extensively used for spice and medicine. Generally stem cutting is popularly used for propagation. This method involves growing the rooted cuttings of black pepper on vertical wire mesh column. Vertical column method is the best for large scale production using quality planting materials for cultivation of organic black pepper. This technique ensures healthy and pathogen free cutting within a short period of time.

Vine from these cuttings give better growth and earlier flowering which enable the black pepper plant more productive.  We establish vertical mesh column of around 2 meter high and 30 centimeter diameter and half an inch plastic coated welded wire mesh. A pillar along the center of the column helps in giving mechanical support.  The potting medium used is composted with coir pith and vermicompost in 3:1 ratio enriched with trichoderma. Trichoderma is bio fungicide, natural, safe, not chemical, eco friendly. It controls all types of fungal and bacterial diseases. An ideal soil can be used as medium in the column for growth of the black pepper vine.

Uniform rooted cuttings of black pepper with 4 to 5 leaves are kept around each vertical column. 8 to 10 polybag cuttings of black pepper are kept around each vertical column. The cuttings of black pepper are then allowed to trail on the column. As and when the black pepper plant are grown the branches and top shoots are firmly fixed with column by coconut leaf splitters.  Once the vine reached half to the column top shoots are cut off for further development and lateral branches facilitate healthy bush organic black pepper production.  Nipping the growing tip of the vine helps in branching.

As the entire column is packed with planting medium all of the clinging roots can absorb the same. Conversion of clinging roots to absorbing roots in each node accelerates the growth of the vine.  In about few months black pepper vine grows to the top of the column and making good canopy. The black pepper vines grown by this method start bearing Speights within 6 months and substantial number of lateral branches produced ensures higher black pepper production. Harvesting of black pepper is very easy. It can be hand-picked and carrying to the factory for further processing. One column consist of 200 to 300 branches and three times harvest in a year. The black pepper seeds are separated, graded  and boiled in water to get better quality in terms of aroma, taste and colour. Black pepper seeds is still green in this stage. With a view to dry the black pepper seeds are put into drying machine. Hygienic condition mentioned in all stages and packed as per requirement.

Nutritional Facts of Organic Black Pepper:

Serving Size Per 100 grams

Calories  251                                                                       Total Fat: 3.3 g

Saturated Fat: 1.4 g                                                            Sodium: 20 mg

Total Carbohydrate: 64 g                                                  Dietary Fiber: 25 g

Sugar: 0.6 g                                                                          Protein: 10 g

Calcium: 443 mg                                                                 Iron: 9.71 mg

Potassium: 1329 mg                                                            Cholesterol: 0 mg




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Specification Organic Black Pepper:

HS Code: 09041130                                                                Quantity: 1200 Kilograms

Type: Spices                                                                                       Variety: Garbled

Taste: Spicy Pepper                                                                          Color: Black

Shape: Round granule                                                                      Part: Seed

Style: Dried                                                                                         Drying Process: Machine Dried

Cultivation: Organic                                                                          Crop: Current Year

Size: 5 mm to 9 mm                                                                           Purity: 99%

Broken: 0%                                                                                          Admixture: 1% Max.

Discolor: 0.5% Max.                                                                           Moisture: 12% Max.

Variety:                                                                                                  Shelf Life: One year

Black Pepper 500: Density – 500 g/l min.

Black Pepper 550 : Density – 550 g /l min.

Black Pepper 570: Density- 570 g /l min.

Packaging: 25 kilograms Preservative Bags (Inner PE and Outer PP)

Usage & Health Benefits of Organic Black Pepper:

Organic black pepper is considered to be the queen of seasoning due to the unique taste and global popularity. Organic black pepper contains substance called piperine which is an active ingredient of many health benefits.  Organic black pepper is not only used in cooking but also in home remedies for a long time. It has sharp and mildly flavor goes well with many dishes. The best way to obtain the benefits of organic black pepper is to use freshly cracked pepper grounds which contains all of the nutritional compounds. Sprinkling a little organic black pepper on your food everyday is enough to obtain health benefits but do not consume excessively because it can irritate mucous membranes.

Organic black pepper contains high concentration of potent, beneficial plant compounds.

Organic black pepper burns fat and helps to control in weight management.  Black pepper improves metabolism and inhibits adipose cell growth.

Organic black pepper improves digestion due to presence of substance called piperine which stimulate gastric fluids.

Organic black pepper reduces flatulence by lessening bloating and absorbing intestinal gases. It gives relief abnormal abdominal swelling.

Organic black pepper consumption increases sweating, heart rate and blood circulation. Black pepper is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual pleasure.

Organic black pepper improves nutrient absorption due to the presence of piperine which helps your body to absorb nutrients contains in the food like curcumin that presents in turmeric. Black pepper increases the bio-availability of curcumin upto 2000%.

Organic black pepper is rich in antioxidants which prevent and repair the damage caused by free radicals and help to prevent some types of cancer, heart problems and liver diseases. Excessive free radicals can be formed due to smoking, pollution ,and exposure to sun rays which may result premature aging, inflammation, heart diseases.  Black pepper can prevent those damages.

When you use organic black pepper along with other spices in the food you don’t need to use much salt.  Black pepper helps you to eat less salt. Eating salt too much can increase blood pressure and even kidney problem.

Organic black pepper relives pain due to containing analgesic properties. Black pepper can be used to relieve muscular pain and joint pain.  Mix black pepper with almond essential oil and use the mixture to massage the affected area.

Organic black pepper is a natural antidepressant and stimulate the nervous system as a result your cognitive ability improves.


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