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Black turmeric is perennial herb grows about 0.5 to 1.0 m tall in tropical climates. Curcuma Caesia or black turmeric contains the highest concentrations of curcumin. Curcuma caesia is a rare kind of herb found in tropical forest.

Identification: The plant of black turmeric can be identified by its leaf. A black Veins at the middle of leaf is the identification of black turmeric plant. Blue rankle inside the black turmeric root is also the identification of black turmeric is variety of turmeric.  You can smell a special aroma upon breaking the black turmeric root.

Cultivation Process: The Cultivation process of black turmeric is easy and produced in organic way. Cultivation of black turmeric does not require any chemical fertilizer and pesticides because it already has the potential to resist all types of attacks from insects, microorganisms. As it grows naturally in the tropical forest the cultivation neither require any special preparation of soil nor fertilizer. Still soil brittle with organic manure can be used for better result.

It is cultivated in the first week of June which is in the rainy season. The black turmeric root sprout in winter require cold weather. Sprouted black turmeric roots are placed inside 2 to 3 inches deep soil. It takes 8 months to grow properly and can be harvested either last week of February or in the month March.


Chemical Content of Curcuma Caesia:

Curcuma caesia contents 30 components representing 97% of the oil camphor (28%), ar-turmerone 12%, (Z)-ocimene (8%), ar-curcumene (7%), 1,8-cineole (5%), elemene (5%), borneol (4%), bornyl acetate (3%) and curcumene (3%) as the major constituents.  Source from: Wikipedia Click here 

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Specification Of Black Turmeric:

HS Code : 09103020                                                           Quantity: 250 Kilograms

Product: Black Turmeric                                                             Shape: Sliced

Colour: Characteristic                                                                  Type: Herb

Variety: Erode                                                                                Cultivation: Organic

Country of Origin: India                                                              Appearance: Fresh Black Turmeric Root

Style:  Dried                                                                                    Processing Type: Raw

Size:  4 to 7 cms.                                                                             Humidity: 10 to 12%

Feature: Fresh Black Turmeric Root                                         Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: Dry Place                                                                         Usage: Medicinal, Cooking

Packaging: 25 kilograms PP Bag

Usage of Black Turmeric:

The black turmeric root is used medicinally, Ayurveda and cosmetic for centuries. The benefits are as follows:

i) It is used to cure chest ailments like pneumonia, bronchitis, arthritis, asthma etc

ii) It is used in wounded, injured area to kill pain, sprains relief, toothache relief, healing wound healing;

iii) It is used to treat cancer patient;

iv) It is used to control blood pressure,  diabetics and increases stamina;

v) Eating of black turmeric controls weight and absorb negative energies;

vi) It is used to cure stomach problem like vomiting, dyspepsia and to cure cold, cough etc

vii) It is used in cosmetic industries to refresh, glow, rejuvenate skin and remove waste from skin;

viii) It contains high percentage of Curcumin used as a a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory;

ix) In India black turmeric widely used in puja to attract Goddess Laxmi, Kali and Durga, Used in Vastu counter to nullify negative forces in the house



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