Organisational Role Responsibility & Authority


Top management should fix the responsibility, authority and accountability in respect of every designation mentioned in the organisation chart. Responsibility means what and how much is one employee’s work i.e. measurement of work. Authority means the power of decision making. Accountability means for whom one work i.e. reporting person.. Top management should decide role, responsibility and authority for proper implementation of FSMS .regarding food safety. Documentation should be maintained properly.

A Food Safety Team includes training department and quality control department ensure proper implementation of FSMS inside the organisation. The food safety team report to Food safety manager who is accountable to QMS Director. Role, responsibility and authority of every designation designed by top management defined by designation. Food Safety Manager is the food safety team leader responsible for quality control of food products sourced from outside or manufacture inside the organisation ensuring to customer the food is safe. Food safety Manager ensures proper establishment, implementation, maintenance and update. He spread awareness regarding FSMS among the interested parties.

The training department includes training manager and trainers provide training regrading food safety to ensure proper production of food, proper inspection method and documentation, In case food safety team require training the training department ensures that proper training has been rendered. The training manager communicate to Food safety Manager regarding the requirement of training.

Food safety manager regularly report to Quality Management System (QMS) manager regarding implementation, maintenance, improvement and update of FSMS.