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Vegetables We Offer

We pick the farm fresh vegetables and fruits and process with our three stage cleaning to completely remove the pesticides and chemicals if used. Call us and we will deliver your favorites at your door step.

Why Choose us ?

  • Connected with largest organic farmers’ groups across India. All farmers are properly certified from Government as Organic Farmer or reliable organic certificate holder from Global G.A.P.
  • Mandatory training to farmers and other stuff to identify critical points and resolve.
  • Healthy and Hygienic Organic Product with uniform quality maintained as per specification. Sanitizing through out the process.
  • Adherence Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
  • Good connection with Customs House Agents, Logistics, Freight-Forwarders, IATA approved agents are available in every city across India and are providing competitive Freights and charges.
  • Maintaining soil quality through out the agricultural process.
  • All shipments are examined by third party inspection agency through APEDA. Final inspection certificate is available with shipping documents.
  • Random checking the level of heavy metal and pesticides.  Phytosanitary Certificate is also available along with shipping documents.
  • Packaging, labeling, bar-code as per buyer’s specification or as per importing country’s guidelines.
  • Secured Payment through Paypal is also available upto the total Invoice value of €5000.
  • Quick Shipment by Air in flexible terms and cities are inter-connections with roads, rail-heads, Airport and ports.​ For shipment on DDP terms that is delivery at your door step please contact to helpline or email us.
  • Reaching objective by customers’ feedback, continual improvement and customers’ satisfaction.
  • Member of recognized associations of the same field and good connection with State and Central Government.

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What Our Clients Says ?

Our farmer team consists of expert in horticulture, who helps you to choose the best quality and fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the their fields.

Nicole Jonshon

He majored in botany at Oregon State University and later at Naropa University. His first venture in…

William Smith

He is a very hard working farmer and able to grasp the technologies faster and adopt it. He is activ…

John Doe

He graduated in agriculture from university of Philadelphia. He is actively involved in all day to d…