Terms & Definitions in FSMS


Food Safety Management System Terms and Definition:

Establishment means to Start.

Implement means to Run or to work on the matter.

Maintain means to Service or to evaluate or identify Risk and Opportunity.

Improvement means to Grow

Documented Information includes document, record and procedure.

Customer focus means to meet the requirement of customer.

Process means whatever you do.

Organisation means set of process like HR process, Sales process, Production process etc.

Purpose is either economical or social

Strategy means to achieve purpose.

Factors are elements affect the strategy, either internal or external

Internal Factors is the Value of Organisation which can not compromise.

External Factors are like legal, political

Strategic Direction means sustainability and to continue to achieve purpose.

Interested Parties are those person, group, system, association or organisation who are getting benefited by connected with our organisation. like employee, customer, Government bodies, suppliers etc.

Scope is defines as a boundary within which the organisation work and F.S.M.S. applicable.

Leadership: Leader is a person who has followers who obey the direction of the person. Leadership is the quality to make followers who obey the guidance of leader and work accordingly.

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