Risks and Opportunities in FSMS


Issues impact either positive or negative. Interested parties generate risk for non-fulfillment of their needs and expectations. Risks give undesired effect whereas opportunities provide desired effect. Top management should plan how to decrease risks and increase the opportunities. There should be proper action plan to address the risks and opportunities. It will be the result on FSMS by continual improvement. We need to identify the risk.

Once we identify risk the object will be decided to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities. There are different processes in the organization like HR, Production, finance etc. It is required to plan how to integrate those processes. We need to integrate those processes inside the organisation and then integrate the FSMS process with Organizational process. There should be a connection with those processes, need to plan to integrate those processes.

Now it is required to evaluate the planning. There are also planning how to evaluate the effectiveness of Actions. There are some objectives are already decided to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities. The effectiveness of actions can be evaluated in Management Review Meeting (MRM).

It is also required to evaluate how to effect the actions on Food safety plan. There should be positive impact on Food safety requirements. Action is taken according to the conformity of food products and maximizes the value to the customers. The needs and expectation of interested parties in the food chain are fulfilled and balanced.

Identification of sources generating risks and the identification of likelihood are important. Once we identify the root cause and seniority of risk it is required to take action on them. To maximize the opportunity adopt new technology, appoint skilled manpower, focus on innovation etc in different ways. In this way going forward to the improvements.

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