Leadership & Commitment



Who is leader? Leader is a person who has followers obey the direction.

Leadership is the quality to make followers who obey the guidance of leader and work accordingly. Top management should show leadership regarding implementation of FSMS in the organisation.

Top management is director or board who provide direction.

Policy regarding FSMS should be made under the guidance of top management who are authorized to give approval. Approval of objective should be made from top management regarding food safety.

Resources required to establish and implement food safety should ensure the availability by top management. The resources should be appropriate and sufficient. For example, A proper appropriate qualified food technician is required to maintain FSMS. Sufficient number of food technicians should be available like ten. Top management should make sure the availability of appropriate and sufficient resources.

Culture of continual improvement should be developed.

Top management should communicate with interested parties to understand the needs and expectations and fulfill them.

Process are of two types — one of which for FSMS and other of which for Organisation to run business process. Top management should integrate both the processes.

Top management should attend, lead, participate and discuss regarding FSMS in the Management Review Meeting (MRM). Top management should show interest, involvement, commitment and leadership for FSMS. Top management should be available in FSMS audit.

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