Issues In F.S.M.S.



There should be a reason to start an organisation. It may be economical, social or other reason called purpose. There are set of strategies to achieve the purpose.  Factors effect the strategies. Like the employees are not that much of competent is a factor. This factor impact on the strategy and generate risk. Issue raised for these factors. Factors are of two types internal and external.  Internal factor is thinking or internal matters like the value of  our organisation which can not compromise. External factor is the outside matters like legal, politics. Both of them affect on the Purpose.

Context of Organisation: This is a process by which we can find out the factors that affect the purpose and strategic direction. With this process we are able to find out the hurdles for which the organisation can not achieve the purpose. For example, the work culture maintain inside the organisation. In case of breaking up the work culture inside the organisation, risk will generate and it will effect on the purpose of the organisation. Process of finding out the factor is called Context of Organisation.

Strategic Directions are of two types — Objective and Sustainability. Objectives are decided to achieve the purpose. Sustainability is to continue the work running and to maintain the growth. It also affects the purpose.

Issue: Issue raised from the factors. Issues are either internal or external. The impact of issue either positive or negative. In case of negative impact organisation should create action plan and work on it because  it generate some risk. We should mitigate the risk and negative impact.. It is indispensable to fulfill the objective. For example, In food industry consumption pattern changes which has negative impact on sales. We should introduce products as per requirement in the market. In the case organisation should design action plan like to survey the market once in a year is called objective. Here, Factor is consumer, Issue is change of consumption pattern, Type of Issue: External, Impact is negative, Action Plan is to survey, Objective is number of survey. Measuring the action plan is called survey.

In other example, Employee is not competent is Internal issue, impact is negative because generate risk. Action plan might be to train. To provide training 12 hours in a year is objective. In this way objective should co-relate the Issue.

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