Interested Parties in FSMS


Interested Parties are those person, group, system, association or organisation who are getting benefited by connected with our organisation. like employee, customer, Government bodies, suppliers, trade union etc. They are connected for their profit, benefit and interest.  There are two types of interested parties are relevant and irrelevant. It is important to identify the relevant interested parties who help to achieve or effect the organisation’s main objective. Every interested party should have need and expectation is called basic requirements.

The performance of interested parties may be affected due to non- fulfillment of basic requirements which might result non fulfillment of the objective of FSMS which is “food is safe”. It should be documented properly to control the non-conformance and create action plan accordingly.

For example, supplier is a interested party having basic requirement is clearity of order i.e. all information should be mentioned properly, timely order, payment on time. We can control the basic requirement by documentation properly through purchase order. We should need to fix the person who will be responsible and authorize like purchase manager of our organisation to ensure it. The action plan will be supplier’s evaluation to ensure the conformity.

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