Kaltivator Groups was previously known as Donear International established in the year of 2007 and changed name in the year of 2019. Kaltivator Groups is a Business-to-Business (B2B) E-commerce platform, designed to solve core trade problems for small, medium and large businesses across the World. It is one of distribution platform of its kind enabling retailers, wholesalers, importers online suppliers and businesses to source certified superior quality products from manufacturers, organic farmers on a single platform. Kaltivator Groups brings to the users powerful platform to grow their businesses and touch to a new level.

This easy-to-use platform gives you the power to:

SELL organic agricultural products.
BUY certified superior quality agricultural products directly from farmers.
HASSLE-FREE logistics. Door to Door shipment in European countries.
SECURED Payment terms.
CREATE own brand by creating own label, packaging etc.
SUPERIOR Quality organic certified products conforming strict quality norms in Europe.
GROW network through access manufactures, farmers, buying and selling support.
DISCOVER new category of products and customers.
MAKE purchase at one click button. Advantage of worry free transaction leaving behind negotiations, verification and approval.
KALTIVATOR GROUPS provides new markets, lower marketing cost, efficient transaction, fast grow, with highly reliable shipping and delivery.


Board of Directors

Founder director of Kaltivator Group is Mr. Tanmoy Mondal completed Master of Export Management from National Institute of Export Management in Chennai and B.Com. (Hons.) from University of Calcutta. He has more than 15 years of experience in International Business and presently connected with esteemed Export Houses and exporter’s group.

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Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver quality and safe food products to satisfy the customers by using strict hygienic conditions with the team of qualified and trained personnel.

We also strive to improve continually by communicating with our customers, suppliers and by meeting statutory and regulatory food safety requirement. —-

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