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Kaltivator Groups, exporter of agricultural products is presenting a platform for the farmers who are producing Organic products across India. This is the right platform for organic farmers who are facing difficulties to sell their products and not getting right value. We promote and differentiate right value of product in terms of quality and health perspective as well as pricing.  Our mission is “Value for many and Value for money”. Value for many indicates a wide range of people in the society are benefited out of it.And value for money indicates the end consumers are able to get Superior Value in terms of quality and prices of our wide range products with a view to lead healthy lifestyle. This is the time to spread awareness among the farmers, retailers and consumers to go for organic, stay safe as well as save our Planet from soil pollution. We are assuring those individual or farmers’ group who are holding “Global G.A.P.”  or “India-Organic” Certificate under Participatory Guarantee System of India (PGS-India),  growing  to use Non-GMO seeds and are not to use synthetic chemical, pesticides, urea, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) on their agricultural process, that they are eligible to include under our group of producers by legal contract with the condition of buyback policy or “contract farming” subject to pass the internal or external audit.

Exclusive Deals

The Exclusive Deals are for limited period and ready for shipment. We are offering discounted price and maintaining highest quality standard. We have limited stock and fully depending on season of the crops in India. So hurry up!!! Grab the deal now !!!



Solution Guide


  • Superior Quality Organic Product 
  • Sourcing in Small Quantity at discounted price
  • Hassel Free Fast Delivery with minimum document
  • Maintain Buffer level Stock
  • Low Investment & maximize profit


  • Direct Sourcing from Farmers
  • Wide Variety of Superior Quality Product ranges
  • Saving logistic & shipping cost for mix products shipment
  • Fast delivery and available stock all times
  • Boost sales and increase profit


  • Create your Own Brand by customizing Packing, Labeling
  • Increase sales by delivering Superior quality Organic Product
  • Efficient purchasing at offer price from our farmers
  • Direct hassle free import with minimum documentation
  • High return on Investment due to variety of products’ range


  • Buying variety of different products in lower quantity
  • Superior quality of organic product with high sales
  • Lower Investment and working capital
  • Hassel free delivery at your door step
  • Save money due to souring directly from our farmers.


  • Superior Quality Organic Products
  • Fast delivery at door step
  • Cost Savings due to souring from farmers
  • Minimum Documentation
  • Paypal payment security


  • Source bulk quantity of Superior quality Organic Product
  • Purchase directly from farmers at reasonable price
  • Flexible payment and delivery terms and conditions
  • Efficiently handle shipment by experts with high proficiency
  • Verified documents and after sales customer care service
  • Enjoy credit on DA  or DP terms

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Why Choose Us ?

♦ Connected with largest organic farmers’ groups across India. All farmers are properly certified from Government as Organic Farmer or reliable organic certificate holder from Global G.A.P.

♦ Healthy and Hygienic Organic Product with uniform quality maintained as per specification. Sanitizing through out the process.

♦ Adherence Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

♦ Good connection with Customs House Agents, Logistics, Freight-Forwarders, IATA approved agents are available in every city across India and are providing competitive Freights and charges.

♦ All shipments are examined by third party inspection agency through APEDA. Final inspection certificate is available with shipping documents.

♦ Random checking the level of heavy metal and pesticides.  Phytosanitary Certificate is also available along with shipping documents.

♦ Packaging, labeling as per buyer’s specification or as per importing country’s guidelines. GTIN mentioned barcode from The Global Language of Business is also available.

♦ Secured Payment through Paypal is also available upto the total Invoice value of €5000. In case of Invoice value more than €5000 customer can enjoy credit facility under ECGC policy.

♦ Quick Shipment by Air in flexible terms and cities are inter-connections with roads, rail-heads, Airport and ports.​ For shipment on Duty Delivery Payment terms that is delivery at your door step please contact to helpline or email us.

♦ Reaching objective by customers’ feedback, continual improvement and customers’ satisfaction.

♦ Member of recognized associations of the same field and good connection with State,  Central Government.

Why Organic ?

Some molecules in non-organic Foods which are grown with the help of Chemical fertilizer, pesticides like urea, DDT etc are insoluble to water. They are non-degradable and cannot flash-out by water from the body. These molecules are dissolved with fat and remain inside the body. Non-organic foods accumulate toxin can cause of a long harmful effect on human being such as brain damage, fetal failure, cancer, sluggishness, adverse effect on central nervous system, depression. Genetically modified Organism (GMO) means they’ve their DNA altered in a Lab often by adding a new Gene from a different Organism. These hybrid seeds which use for higher production and long shelf life, bear long term harmful effects on human health. Organic food produced without synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, food irradiation, genetic engineering or sewage sludge. Organic foods are cultivated in two ways one of which is using organic manure and other one is natural not using manure called zero budget natural farming. Organic foods we provide gives better and longer life.


Organic Food Healthy Food !!

Limited Period Offers

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